International collab

We thought it was time to put Daniëlla in the spotlight because she is a silent but driving force behind the success of L'Arogante. She and her boyfriend co-founded L'Arogante, she is the creative brain behind our visuals, branding and website and as an experienced beer sommelier, she is perfectly qualified to evaluate the quality of our beers.

Daniëlla's partner, the original brewer of our L'Arogante beers, brewed a special collab beer for her with our friends of L'Ermitage from Brussels and Breakside from Portland. Beer unites! If you know Daniëlla, you'll probably have an idea about the beerstyle...

The ΨPA aka Daniella's therapy is a limited edition for Daniëlla, psychotherapist and esteemed zythologist. It's an old school West Coast IPA. It's based on the recipe of Breakside IPA, one of her favorite beers. The ΨPA is a light-copper beer with a subtle malty backbone that balances out all the tropical, citrusy and piney aroma's of American hops. We've added Simcoe to accentuate the 'dankness'. It won't help the condition humaine but we're sure uncle Sigmund would approve 🙂