L’Arogante session

low in alcohol,
packed with flavour!

Beer unites, once again!

The youngest descendant of the L'Arogante family was born in the same garage in Ghent. Belgian and international since it was created and brewed on the Belgian national day together with Billy Smith, an American brewer from Portland.

Billy has made a beautiful career in the brew world already and is plant manager of Kona Brewing in Hawai nowadays, but most importantly he is a very good friend of the founders of L'Arogante. Beer unites, once again!

Its characteristics

The session is low in acohol but packed with flavour. A more complex malt bill and the addition of oat flakes give this beer a smooth yet dry and drinkable backbone that also lets the hops shine through.

Magnum provides a soft bitterness while the American aromahops Cascade, Centennial and Mosaic are reponsible for a beautiful bouquet of tropical aroma's.

3,9% alcohol (vol)
40 IBU
9 Plato

In cans!

This is our first beer in cans. While beerdrinkers abroad are getting more and more used to drinking quality beers in cans, for the Belgian - perhaps a bit more traditional - beerdrinker, beer in cans can be somewhat of a psychological challenge. 🙂

But we love them, especially for hoppy beers, since cans shield our brews 100% from light and leave all the hoppy aroma's untouched. Cans are also lighter and easier to transport and store. Moreover they are completely recyclable.