Blond and hoppy:

Its characteristics

L’Arogante is a blond beer that is brewed from light barley malt. Three different kinds of hops give it its typical soft bitterness and unique fruity aroma's..

14,5° Plato
7,2% alcohol (vol)
45 IBU
15 EBC

Its name

Its name has two meanings. Not only is it the merger of La Roche-en-Ardenne and Ghent but it is also an arrogant beer with attitude, because it claims to be the most Belgian and the 'hoppiest'. … Arrogance is far from being a Belgian quality, but we feel we can be proud of our country and its vast beer culture. Furthermore, La Roche-en–Ardenne and Ghent are two beautiful Belgian cities.

Its crown cap

Its crown cap consists of our national colours with the slogan ‘Beer creates union', which we believe leads to ‘Unity makes strength', the official Belgian slogan…

Its glass

We chose a glass that was especially designed to taste hoppy beers like ours. The shape of the glass suits our beer perfectly and is like its name... Just a tad of arrogance.

Drink it fresh

L'Arogante preserves its elegance if you store it in a cool place, protected from light. We guarantee its intense hoppy character up to 9 months after bottling (= use-by date - 1 year and 3 months).


L'Arogante teku glass