L’Arogante Stout-ish,
dark & surprising

Brewed with Belgian expertise and know-how, influenced by foreign beerstyles and hopflavours. Innovative, well balanced and a tiny bit arrogant, just like its blond big sister.

Its characteristics

As you can suspect by its name, the 'stoutish-edition' is a beer of the stout style. It's brewed with 5 different kinds of malt and oat flakes.

Roasted malts give the dark warm colour and coffee and dark chocolate flavours. We use three kinds of hop. The hops give the stout-ish its typical soft bitterness and fruity aroma's that work well with the flavours from the roasted malt.

14,08° Plato
5,5% ABV
53 IBU
124 EBC

Its name

As is the case for the blond L'Arogante, the name of the stout-ish is the result of encounters.

American friends of our original brewer use the suffix '-ish' quite often. 'Ish' means 'approximately', 'about' . This was a perfect match with his newest beer.

A beer of the 'american stout'-style but not the classic stout as we know it in Belgium. A stout, but not really. A dark beer, but not sweet.

Its crown cap

Its crown cap consists of our slogan 'Beer unites', which we believe leads to ‘Unity makes strength', the official Belgian slogan.

Its glass

We chose a teku glass that was especially designed to taste hoppy beers like ours. The shape of the glass suits our beers perfectly and is like its name... Just a tad of arrogance.