A beerfestival in Ghent? Yes please!

The Gentse biervereniging organized the sixth edition of their very cozy beerfestival. Think: beautiful weather, nice garden and a long and very varied beerlist. The slogan of the beersociety is ‘Durven proeven!’ (Dare to taste!) Dare to broaden your beer-horizon.

And that’s exactly what we did. We started our trip around the beerworld. We visited the Netherlands, the U.K., Iceland, the Czech Republic and the U.S. to finally come home to a collection of nice Belgian beers. And we discovered a few true gems. Some of them in bottles, some of them in cans. And yes, the discussion ‘can truly good beer come in cans?’ is still alive in Belgium. We believe it can (no pun intended). 🙂

But cans or bottles...it's all about great beer! So mark your calendars for august 20th next year!
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